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Premium Per Diem Attorneys

Free yourself up .. and get the fastest, easiest most convenient, premium per diem attorneys to handle your assignments exactly as you want them handled …  without the overbearing middleman (and all their nickel-and-diming) and without all the bungled assignments the other guys won’t tell you about … guaranteed, or your money back!

Booking a Per Diem Attorney ... Fast & Easy

Per Diem Lawyers, New York, Westchester, Bronx, Rockland, Bronx, Queens, Richmond


"People Power" + A.I. Evaluate

Per Diem Lawyers, New York, Westchester, Bronx, Rockland, Bronx, Queens, Richmond


Assigned to Per Diem Attorneys

Per Diem Lawyers, New York, Westchester, Bronx, Rockland, Bronx, Queens, Richmond


Blazing Fast Reports

We are Instant Per Diem Attorneys. We provide best-in-class, premium diem attorney services for growth-minded law firms looking to free themselves up and grow their law firm to new heights. 

We’ve paired our large network of premium, skilled professional per diem lawyers (we don’t show up to court in sneakers) with the right amount of software, the right amount of A.I. – and wrapped it all up in top-notch customer service. It’s like a beautifully written motion you can’t stop reading over and over to yourself 🙂 

We treat our per diem attorneys properly. Why do you care? Because we believe that happy per diem attorneys make for better per diem attorneys. 

Instant Per Diem Attorneys, Per Diem Lawyers, Per Diem Attorneys, Per Diem Attorney Service, Westchester, New York

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The Solution to Being Stuck: Premium Per Diem Lawyers

Free Yourself, Grow Your Practice Stop spending time on in-person and virtual appearances that take out a chunk of your day and billables. 

Spend More Time Focusing on Revenue Generating Activities Focus on higher level tasks and revenue generating activities. Focus on “rainmaker” tasks that will lead to growing your law firm. 

Minimize Strain Minimize the strain on your overworked office staff and in-house associates. Forget about happy wife, happy life. A happy office staff means better results for your firm.

Reduce Stress Levels Spending a chunk of your day and bandwidth on assignments that should be delegated, means you fall farther behind. Let’s stop the vicious cycle of stress today. With the time you save, spend it on improving your mental and physical health. 

Save over $100K a Year Instead of adding an associate for over $100K a year (salary, health insurance, 401K, office space, training, team-building, continuing legal education, bar licensing fees, lunches, transportation, etc.), use our per diem services.


With Instant Per Diem Attorneys, You Get All of This!

Professional, Premium Per Diem Attorneys

Experience professional, responsive per diem lawyers … the way it should be.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Backed by our 100% guarantee. Assignments will be handled pursuant to your instructions – no if’s, and or but’s. No bungled appearances, no missed appearances. Guaranteed. 💯💯

Instant, Easy Ordering: ⚡⚡⚡ 

Experience blazing fast quotes, easy ordering and quick confirmations while leveraging access to our large network of freelance per diem lawyers. 

Easy, Flat Pricing

Enjoy easy, flat pricing😀😀😀without all the complicated hidden fees, surcharges and endless nickel-and-diming tactics that overbearing middlemen charge you 

Direct Communication

Chat with freelance per diem lawyers through our platform, ensuring direct, free, clear communication and streamlined collaboration. The best customer service is direct communication with the per diem attorneys.  📲📲

Blazing Fast Reports

Reports delivered almost instantly after your assignment is completed. ⚡⚡⚡


Leverage our expansive, wide network of premium per diem attorneys to get the job done right with the most minimal effort on your part. 👨‍💼👨‍💼

Best In Class Tech 🤖✨  

We use the best-in-class proprietary technology, then we sprinkle in the right amount of A.I. and back it all up with 100% people power to make sure your job is done right. 

Premium Customer Support

Online, email and over the phone … premium support is instantly available to assist. ☎️☎️ 


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See What Our Clients Have To Say....

I was able to obtain per diem attorney coverage prior to my upcoming vacation. The attorney that appeared handled everything satisfactorily. I provided all the info he needed and everything went well."
Mia B.
"Booked a per diem attorney for a conference. Everything taken care of well. The report was sent right after the appearance without any issues".
Timothy G.
"Needed coverage for a pre-trial. The matter was adjourned per my request. Appearance attorney called from court regarding an issue that arose."
Adam S

The Solution to Your Day-to-Day Problems: Premium Per Diem Lawyers

Swamped Calendar: Let’s actually do something about your swamped calendar. VIP clients can send us their weekly calendar and we will get it handled.

Scheduling Conflicts Whether you have multiple assignments on one day or have personal matters to attend to, we can help.

Emergency Situations Lawyers have emergencies too. Focus on what you need to, and let per diems take care of the assignments.

Understaffed Offices Growing fast? That’s a good problem. Still, legal matters have to be taken care of. Per diem attorneys can help. 

Geographical Constraints Are your cases scattered in different venues? No problem when you have a wide network of per diem lawyers to rely on. 


Clients We Work With

Our Freelancers & Per Diem Lawyers Enjoy All of This.

 We love freelancers and per diem attorneys on our network and we seek to foster a win/win relationship. With Instant Per Diem Attorneys, freelancers and per diem lawyers can expect …

Highest Payouts: The best, highest payout rates in the industry – no one comes close. We’ll let you know what you’ll be earning before you accept the assignment. We keep it simple.  

Fast Payouts: Blazing fast payouts to your bank account – we are talking within 3-5 business days direct to your bank account … not 2 months (that’s so 2018).  

No Chasing: We’ve made it easy for law firms to pay before the appearance; no need to chase anyone to get paid; no need to beg the middle-man exploitative agency for payments you earned. 

Equal Opportunity: Equal access to the best assignments in your geographical location – no need for politicking or playing nice with secretarial gatekeepers. 

No Bullying: No pressure to take on assignments you don’t want to take. 

Open Communication: Direct communications with law firm clients – let’s tear down the walls.

Grow Your Practice: Marketing information to enhance your own law firm practice

VIP Per Diem Attorney Bonuses: Freelance per diem lawyers enjoy additional perks, such as discounts on legal marketing services, answering services and opportunities for professional development.

Frequently Asked Questions ...

A per diem attorney, also known as an appearance attorney, is a qualified legal professional who provides temporary coverage services for court appearances, depositions, and other legal proceedings on behalf of other attorneys or law firms. 

An in person per diem attorney can appear for in-person court hearings, in person administrative hearings and in-person depositions.


Per diem attorneys in the Instant Appearance Attorneys network can appear throughout New York, New Jersey, Florida and California. 

Local counsel is a local attorney who co-counsels a legal case with an attorney of record. A per diem attorney is an attorney that appears for a specific court appearance, hearing or deposition on behalf of the attorney of record. 


A per diem attorney can appear to conduct and defend plaintiff or defendant depositions.


Per diem attorneys can appear in various state, Federal and administrative courts. 

In New York, per diem attorneys can appear in Supreme Court, Civil Court, Small Claims Court, Appellate Court, Federal Court and More. 


A per diem attorney will typically call you prior to the appearance when needed. To ensure your satisfaction, please submit all background information and documents when you submit your initial assignment.


Kindly forward background information and assignment instructions for your matter, including the case name, case number, party you represent, type of appearance, objective for the appearance, along with any relevant documents.


Yes, the per diem attorney will submit a report along with copies of any court documents arising out of the appearance.


We offer access to a large network of appearance counsel. We forward your booking to contractors in our network.  



Queens County:

  • Queens County Supreme Court
  • Queens County Criminal Court
  • Queens County Civil Court
  • Town and Village Justice Courts within Queens County

Bronx County:

  • Bronx County Supreme Court
  • Bronx County Criminal Court
  • Bronx County Civil Court
  • Town and Village Justice Courts within Bronx County

Kings County (Brooklyn):

  • Kings County Supreme Court
  • Kings County Criminal Court
  • Kings County Civil Court
  • Town and Village Justice Courts within Kings County

New York County (Manhattan):

Richmond County (Staten Island):

  • Richmond County Supreme Court
  • Richmond County Criminal Court
  • Richmond County Civil Court
  • Town and Village Justice Courts within Richmond County

Westchester County:

  • Westchester Supreme Court
  • Westchester County Civil Court
  • Town of Eastchester Justice Court
  • Town of Greenburgh Justice Court
  • Town of Harrison Justice Court
  • Town of Mamaroneck Justice Court
  • Town of North Castle Justice Court
  • Town of North Salem Justice Court
  • Town of Ossining Justice Court
  • Town of Peekskill Justice Court
  • Town of Pelham Justice Court
  • Town of Pound Ridge Justice Court
  • Town of Rye Justice Court
  • Town of Scarsdale Justice Court
  • Town of Somers Justice Court
  • Town of Yorktown Justice Court
  • Village Justice Courts within Westchester County

Nassau County:

  • Nassau County Court
  • Town of Hempstead District Court
  • Town of North Hempstead District Court
  • Town of Oyster Bay District Court
  • Village Justice Courts within Nassau County

Suffolk County:

  • Suffolk County Court
  • District Court of Suffolk County
  • Village Justice Courts within Suffolk County



We understand the time sensitivity of your needs. We strive to match you with a per diem attorney as quickly as possible. In most cases, you can expect to receive coverage within a few hours of placing your order. However, the exact timing may depend on the availability of attorneys and the specifics of your request.


While our primary focus is on serving the Westchester County area, we can accommodate requests for coverage in nearby jurisdictions or other locations. Please reach out to us with your specific requirements, and we will do our best to assist you.


Our per diem attorneys are experienced in handling a wide range of legal matters and our per diem services extend to court appearances, depositions, in person and virtual. Coverage is available for civil, criminal, family law and more. We have attorneys with expertise in various practice areas to match the specific needs of your case.


We offer flexible coverage options to meet your needs. Whether you require coverage for a single appearance, a full day, or an extended period, we can accommodate your requirements. There is no minimum or maximum duration for our per diem services.


We provide transparent and convenient payment options. Once coverage is confirmed, we will provide you with an invoice that outlines the fees for the service. You can make payments securely through our platform using various payment methods.


We understand that unexpected situations may arise, leading to scheduling conflicts or emergencies. If such a situation occurs, please notify us immediately, and we will work diligently to find a suitable replacement attorney to ensure uninterrupted coverage.


Yes, absolutely! Once an attorney is assigned to your case, you will receive their contact information. You can communicate directly with the assigned per diem attorney to discuss case specifics, provide instructions, or address any concerns you may have.


While we cannot guarantee the availability of a specific attorney, we understand that you may have preferences. You can mention your preferences during the ordering process, and we will do our best to accommodate your request based on availability.


When placing an order, you will need to provide details such as the date, time, location, and type of appearance or legal proceeding. Any additional case-related documents or instructions can also be submitted through our secure platform.


We understand that urgent situations may arise. While we recommend placing orders in advance to ensure seamless coverage, we do our best to accommodate last-minute or same-day requests whenever possible. Contact us immediately, and we will work diligently to assist you.


Yes, we offer per diem coverage for remote or virtual appearances, including videoconferences and telephonic hearings. Simply provide us with the necessary details, and our per diem attorney will represent you in the virtual proceeding.


Our per diem services primarily focus on court appearances and related proceedings. However, if you require additional services, such as document review or legal research, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate your request or provide referrals to trusted professionals.


If the assigned per diem attorney requires additional information or case materials, they will contact you directly to request the necessary documents. Please ensure prompt communication and provide the requested information to facilitate effective representation.


To be updated soon ….