Can a Per Diem Attorney Handle Document Prep, Motion Prep, Legal Research, or Medical Records Summary?

Per diem attorneys are lawyers who are hired on an as-needed basis to represent clients in court or to perform specific legal tasks. They are often called in to handle cases when a full-time attorney is unavailable or when a case requires specialized expertise. However, there is some confusion about what types of legal work per diem attorneys are qualified to do.

One question that arises is whether per diem attorneys can do document preparation, motion preparation, legal research, or medical records summary. The answer to this question is not straightforward and may depend on a variety of factors, including the specific requirements of the case, the jurisdiction in which the case is being heard, and the qualifications and experience of the per diem attorney.

This article will explore the topic of per diem attorneys and the types of legal work they are qualified to perform. It will examine the various factors that may influence whether a per diem attorney can do document preparation, motion preparation, legal research, or medical records summary, and provide guidance for attorneys and clients who are considering hiring a per diem attorney for these tasks.

Scope of Per Diem Attorney Services

Document Preparation

Per diem attorneys can provide document preparation services, which include drafting legal documents such as pleadings, contracts, and agreements. They can also review and revise existing documents to ensure their accuracy and compliance with legal requirements. Per diem attorneys can assist in preparing documents for court filings, as well as for administrative proceedings.

Motion Preparation

Per diem attorneys can also assist in motion preparation, which involves drafting and filing motions with the court. They can help in researching and analyzing legal issues, drafting legal arguments, and preparing supporting documents. Per diem attorneys can also represent clients in court hearings related to the motions filed.

Legal Research

Per diem attorneys can conduct legal research on behalf of clients, which involves analyzing legal issues, identifying relevant case law, and providing legal opinions. They can assist in preparing legal briefs, memoranda, and other legal documents that require extensive legal research.

Medical Records Summary

Per diem attorneys can also provide medical records summary services, which involve reviewing and summarizing medical records for legal cases. They can assist in identifying relevant medical information, organizing the records, and preparing summaries that can be used in court proceedings.

Overall, per diem attorneys can provide a range of legal services, including document preparation, motion preparation, legal research, and medical records summary. They can assist clients in various legal matters, including civil litigation, administrative proceedings, and transactional matters.

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