FAQ’S Answered: Can per diem attorneys appear for in-person?


This is Cesar Zuniga from Instant Per Diem Attorneys answering some questions. The next question is, ‘Can per diem attorneys appear for in-person hearings?’ and the answer is ‘Absolutely’, and that’s what most per diem attorneys appear for, also known as appearance attorneys in different other states.

So a per diem attorney is an extension of a licensed attorney or law firm that has a particular matter pending before, you know, state court, civil court, small claims court, bankruptcy court, federal court. And, usually a per diem attorney appears on a specific date just for that appearance on that date. Those are usually in-person hearings.

Now there’s specific situations where you may need, as the licensed attorney or attorney of record, you may need to get permission from the specific court. Some federal court judges require permission for a per diem attorney or appearance attorney to appear on behalf of the licensed attorney or law firm. But some of the types of in-person appearances are obviously court hearings, court appearances, depositions, trials, jury selection, and things of those, everything that runs the gamut and things, more things of that nature.

So, can an attorney appear for in-person proceedings? Absolutely.