FAQ’S Answered: Is a Per Diem Attorney the same thing as Local Counsel

Hey, it’s Cesar Zuniga here from Instant Per Diem Attorneys answering a few more questions, and the next question we have here is, “Is a Per Diem attorney the same thing as a local council?” and the answer is Yes. the term Per Diem Attorney is usually a term that’s being used in the Northeast, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania I know it’s also used in Maryland and Virginia but local council is a term that’s used in southern states usually in Florida, Georgia and also some times on the west coast.

The job of the pretty and the local council is usually the same. You’re just appearing on a specific matter for a specific date and then after that matter is completed and done. The per diem attorneys responsibilities then are you know, cease. So I hope that answers your question. Thank you.