Ask the Experts: Transparent Per Diem Pay and Timely Payouts at Instant Appearance Attorneys

Ask the Experts: Transparent Per Diem Rates and Pay at Instant Appearance Attorneys

Per Diem Lawyer v. Full-Time Associate


Join us for our weekly question and answer session as we delve into the world of per diem attorney services. In today’s discussion, we’ll examine the subject of per diem compensation, particularly focusing on how Instant Appearance Attorneys sets itself apart by offering the highest possible pay to our per diem attorneys, and guaranteeing timely payment. On top of this, we’ll also delve into our clear pricing structure and the option for clients to tip for great service. Let’s get started!

Client Question: How Does Per Diem Pay Work at Instant Appearance Attorneys?

Answer: At Instant Appearance Attorneys, we believe in fair compensation for our per diem attorneys. We offer our per diem attorneys the highest pay in the industry, with 80% of the appearance fee going directly to them. We take only 20% as our fee. This transparent structure guarantees that our per diem attorneys are generously compensated for their expertise and dedication.

Client Question: How Does This Compare to Competitors in the Per Diem Industry?

Answer: Unlike some competitors, who may retain a substantial percentage (up to 75%) of the appearance fee for themselves, we prioritize our per diem attorneys’ earnings. By taking only 20% of the fee, we provide per diem attorneys with a significantly higher share of the compensation they rightfully deserve.

Client Question: How Quickly Do You Disburse Payments to Per Diem Attorneys?

Answer: We understand the importance of timely payouts. At Instant Appearance Attorneys, we typically disburse funds to per diem attorneys within 3-5 business days after the completion of an appearance. This stands in stark contrast to some competitors who delay payments for as long as 45-60 days after the appearance. Our commitment to swift compensation ensures that our per diem attorneys receive their earnings promptly.

Client Question: Can Clients Show Appreciation for Outstanding Service Through Tips?

Answer: Yes, we value exceptional service at Instant Appearance Attorneys, and we provide clients with the option to leave a tip or gratuity for per diem attorneys who go above and beyond. This system allows clients to express their appreciation directly and reinforces our commitment to recognizing and rewarding outstanding performance.

Client Question: How Do You Ensure Fairness in Pricing for Clients While Offering Competitive Pay to Per Diem Attorneys?

Answer: We maintain a balance between fair compensation for per diem attorneys and competitive pricing for our clients. By retaining only 20% of the appearance fee, we can offer clients cost-effective per diem services. This pricing structure reflects our commitment to fairness and transparency.


That wraps up this week’s Q&A session on per diem pay and timely payouts at Instant Appearance Attorneys. We are proud to offer our per diem attorneys the highest pay in the industry and to disburse their earnings promptly, typically within 3-5 business days. If you have more questions or wish to experience our exceptional per diem services firsthand, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Stay tuned for our next session, where we’ll address more of your frequently asked questions!

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