FAQ’S Answered: What Courts Can a Per Diem Attorney Appear In?


Hey, it’s Cesar from Instant Per Diem Attorneys answering a few more frequently asked questions. The next question is “What courts can an appearance attorney or per diem attorney appear in?”. 

Okay, and per diem attorneys, appearance attorneys can appear in usually state courts. So that would involve a small claims court, civil court, state supreme court is in New York, superior court in California, and federal court as well. So that would involve also, that would include bankruptcy court. It would all. Also include the district courts. I would say that usually in district court, depending on who the judges, they will require the attorney of record to get advanced permission for a per diem attorney to appear just on that specific date if they’re not going to be filing what’s called a notice of appearance.

Obviously there’s also more courts. For example, there’s immigration court and there’s also depositions, which is not a court, but that per diem attorneys can also appear in.

Depending on what state, there’s obviously other additional courts that we may also be able to appear on. So I hope this answers that question. Alright.