FAQ’S Answered: What is a Per Diem Attorney


Hey, this is Cesar from Instant Per Diem Attorneys and just wanted to take a few questions to answer some comments and questions that I’ve received. The first question here is “What is a Per Diem Attorney?” and, I want to explain that because we do get calls from lawyers and also non-lawyers.

Let me explain. A Per diem attorney is an attorney that appears on behalf of licensed attorneys. Our Per diem services are not available to non-attorneys. So what specifically does a Per diem attorney do? A Per diem attorney appears for court appearances, depositions, trials, and all the number and types of hearings. Those could be settlement conferences, pre-trial conferences, and a per diem attorney can also appear in different courts. So it could be a state court, bankruptcy court, civil court, or small claims court, depending on what jurisdiction.

The per diem attorney is usually a extension of the lawyer or law firm that’s hiring them, and a per diem attorney usually does not go in and file what’s called a notice of appearance, which essentially makes him responsible for the case. So, the per diem attorney is also known in different jurisdictions as in-appearance attorney that’s usually a term that’s used in California it’s used also in Florida. The other types of similar names are of council in certain jurisdictions were called of-council or local council. So, it’s called different things in certain parts of the country but a per diem attorney is basically a freelancer working as an extension of a licensed attorney and law firm. Alright.