FAQ’S Answered: What type of information should I send the per diem attorney?


Hey, this is Cesar from Instant Per Diem Attorneys just answering a few more questions. The next question is “What type of information should I send the Per Diem Attorney assigned to my case?’.

So for law firms, we usually recommend that you send over the summons and complaint, so we have some idea about what the case is about. Also, if it’s for example, personal injury case in New York and I believe in Florida as well, they have what’s called a bill of particulars, which is just an amplification of the pleadings and gives the per diem attorney more of an overview of what’s going on in the case in the case.

Additional information could be discovery responses and also specific instructions. What are the goals? What is the objective for the court appearance? What are you? Are you to what are you trying to achieve at the court of appearance or what are you trying to protect in terms of defenses? So those specific instructions, your goals and objectives are very important and any other relevant documents that would be needed to handle the appearance to achieve those goals or objectives.

Alright, hope this answers that question. Thank you.