What Legal Matters Can Per Diem Attorneys Handle? A Comprehensive Guide

Per diem attorneys, also known as temporary or freelance attorneys, are becoming more and more popular in the legal industry. They are hired on a case-by-case basis to help law firms and solo practitioners with their legal work. One of the benefits of hiring a per diem attorney is that they can handle a variety of legal matters, from simple to complex cases.

So, what types of legal matters can per diem attorneys handle? The answer is quite broad. Per diem attorneys can handle a wide range of legal tasks, including drafting legal documents, conducting legal research, appearing in court, and even providing legal advice. They can assist in various practice areas, such as civil litigation, criminal defense, family law, and more.

Per diem attorneys can also provide support to other attorneys who need extra help with their workload. For example, if an attorney has multiple court appearances scheduled on the same day, they can hire a per diem attorney to appear on their behalf in one or more of those cases. This allows the attorney to focus on other important tasks while ensuring that all of their clients are represented in court.

Scope of Per Diem Attorney Services

Per diem lawyers are experienced lawyers who provide legal services to clients on a short-term or as-needed basis. These attorneys can handle a wide range of legal matters, including civil litigation, criminal proceedings, family law, real estate transactions, bankruptcy cases, immigration hearings, personal injury claims, contract negotiations, estate planning and probate, and administrative law.

Civil Litigation

Per diems can represent clients in civil litigation matters such as breach of contract, property disputes, and personal injury claims. They can draft pleadings, conduct discovery, and represent clients at trial.

Criminal Proceedings

Per diems can represent clients in criminal proceedings, including arraignments, pretrial hearings, and plea bargains. They can also represent clients at trial and sentencing.

Family Law

Per diem attorneys can handle family law matters such as divorce, child custody, and child support. They can draft and file legal documents, negotiate settlements, and represent clients in court.

Real Estate Transactions

Per diem lawyers can assist clients with real estate transactions such as buying or selling a property, drafting and reviewing contracts, and resolving disputes.

Bankruptcy Cases

Per diems can represent clients in bankruptcy cases, including Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies. They can also provide legal advice on debt relief options.

Immigration Hearings

Per diem attorneys can represent clients in immigration hearings, including asylum applications, deportation proceedings, and citizenship applications.

Personal Injury Claims

Per diem attorneys can represent clients in personal injury claims, including car accidents, slip and fall accidents, and medical malpractice cases. They can negotiate settlements or represent clients in court.

Administrative Law

Per diems can represent clients in administrative law matters such as licensing, permitting, and regulatory compliance. They can also represent clients in administrative hearings and appeals.

Overall, per diem attorneys can provide valuable legal services to clients in a variety of legal matters. Their experience and expertise can help clients navigate complex legal issues and achieve favorable outcomes.

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