What a Per Diem Attorney Will Do at an IME to Protect Your Client’s Rights

When a client is required to attend an independent medical examination (IME), it is important to have a per diem attorney present to safeguard their rights. An IME is typically requested by an insurance company or employer to assess the extent of a client’s injuries and determine if they are eligible for compensation. However, these examinations can often be biased towards the interests of the insurance company or employer, making it crucial for a per diem attorney to be present to ensure that the client’s rights are protected.

During an IME, a per diem attorney will act as an advocate for the client, ensuring that the examination is conducted fairly and impartially. They will review the client’s medical records and prepare them for the examination, as well as accompany them to the examination itself. The attorney will also monitor the examiner’s questions and ensure that they are relevant to the client’s injuries, and object to any inappropriate or prejudicial questions. Additionally, the attorney will review the report produced by the examiner to ensure that it accurately reflects the client’s injuries and limitations.

Per Diem Attorney’s Role at an IME

Understanding the IME Process

A per diem attorney’s role at an Independent Medical Examination (IME) is to ensure that the client’s rights are protected and to provide legal representation during the examination. The IME process involves a medical evaluation of the client by a medical professional hired by the insurance company. The per diem attorney must have a clear understanding of the IME process and the client’s rights during the examination.

Pre-IME Client Preparation

Before the IME, the per diem attorney must prepare the client for the examination. This includes explaining the purpose of the IME, discussing the client’s medical history and current condition, and providing guidance on how to answer questions during the examination. The attorney must also review any relevant medical records and documentation to ensure that the client’s medical history is accurately represented.

On-Site Advocacy and Observation

During the IME, the per diem attorney’s role is to advocate for the client and ensure that the medical evaluation is conducted fairly and objectively. This includes observing the examination, taking notes, and asking questions to clarify any issues that arise during the evaluation. The attorney must also ensure that the medical professional conducting the examination follows proper procedures and does not exceed the scope of the evaluation.

Post-IME Reporting and Follow-Up

After the IME, the per diem attorney must provide a detailed report to the client and the client’s primary attorney. The report should include an overview of the examination, any issues or concerns that arose during the evaluation, and any recommendations or follow-up that may be necessary. The attorney must also follow up with the client to ensure that any recommended treatment or follow-up is received and that the client’s rights are protected throughout the claims process.

In summary, a per diem attorney plays a crucial role in safeguarding a client’s rights during an IME. By understanding the IME process, preparing the client for the examination, advocating for the client during the evaluation, and providing comprehensive reporting and follow-up, the attorney can help ensure that the client receives fair and just compensation for their injuries.

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