FAQ’S Answered: Will the appearance attorney send me a report after the assignment is handled?


Hey, it’s Cesar from Instant Per diem Attorneys. I’m just going to go ahead and continue answering questions here. Another frequently asked question is, “Will the Per diem attorneys send me a report after my assignment is handled?” So, yes, the per diem attorney has instructions to upload, to create first of all a report to tell you what the outcome was, to also provide you with any adjourn dates or any important dates that are coming up that were communicated during that appearance and to put that in a message or report to you as quickly as possible.

Now what I will tell, what I do tell clients is that you know we try to get those out as soon as possible but also understanding that after the appearance the attorney may need some lead time to get back to the office, right? We, definitely, don’t want our per diem attorneys texting from inside of court where it’s prohibited and also obviously driving or commuting back.

So, where possible we try to get those reports in to you as soon and as quickly as possible. And I hope that answers that question.